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DR Snow Blowers

All New DR Snow Blowers

The PRO-24 is our lightest and easiest to maneuver DR Snow Blower. Our PRO-28 DR Snow Blower steps up from our base model by increasing the clearing width (to 28" wide) and powering it with a bigger engine (8 HP, 252cc). Our PRO XL-30 clears a 30" path, letting you clear a driveway in just 2 or 3 passes. Big property? Go large! The PRO MAX-34 is our biggest and most powerful DR Snow Blower, designed for longer roads and walkways.

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62V Cordless Snow Thrower

Ultra-light, easy to use, and powerful enough to throw snow 30 feet away. It’s 62V battery holds a charge for up to 30 minutes and with an extra battery (optional) loaded in the dock, you can work for up to an hour without interruption.

PRO-24, 7 HP

At 24" wide, it makes walks passable in a single pass and will throw snow up to 40' away. With 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds, the PRO-24 is a terrific value. Ideal for small-to-medium sized jobs.

PRO-28, 8 HP

A feature-rich machine that gives you the power to blast through the deep stuff. Plug-in electric starting puts an end to hard starts—just run an extension cord, plug in, and you get sure-fire starts without the expense and battery maintenance that comes with a normal electric-starting engine.

PRO XL-30, 13 HP

Make short work of big snow dumps with our DR PRO XL-30 Snow Blower. This model steps up to a big 13 HP OHV engine that is designed and built with cold-weather operation in mind.

PRO MAX-34, 14 HP

Step up to our widest and most powerful snow blower—the DR PRO MAX-34—designed to take on the really big jobs. Long driveways, parking areas, walkways and more.