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DR Roto Tillers

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We offer a variety of tillers for gardens of all sizes. Our Walk-Behind models include our Mini-Tiller for small plots (or for cultivating between rows in a bigger garden) as well as Front- and Rear-Tine tillers. For bigger plots, our tow-behind models tow behind your ATV or garden tractor, letting you till 3' wide...while you ride!

Powered Actuator

The Actuator raises and lowers the wheels, which in turn raise and lower the tines. A holding force of 250 pounds assures the tilling depth remains where you set it. The Actuator is powered by a 12-volt, 17-amp battery that will raise/lower the machine over 100 times on a single charge.

Remote Control

The Remote Control allows you to make precise adjustments to your tilling depth without leaving your towing vehicle.

24 Bolo Tines

Forged of tough tempered steel, these tines spin at over 230 rpm to dig up to 7-1/2" deep and mix soil completely. The intricately designed sweeps and curves of each tine minimize the wrapping of vegetation.


Our unique hitch absorbs shocks and jolts so that minimal forward motion from the tiller is transmitted to the towing vehicle for smoother and easier operation.