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DR Tractor Attachments


ALL-NEW tractor attachments for spring! Our Tractor Attachment headquarters features a range of 3-Point Hitch equipment that can be used for chipping, log splitting, landscaping, mowing, tilling, and more...


Put your Category 1 tractor to work! Tear through hardwood branches up to 4.75" in diameter. Big hopper accepts side branches to minimize pruning. PTO shaft included. Extended discharge chute available.

Log Splitters

Tractor Owners! Get the convenience of Horizontal/Vertical splitting (converts in seconds) while you harness your tractor's power with our 3-Point Hitch model.


Our 72 inch Landscape Rake is perfect for landscapers, farmers, contractors, and homeowners. For ditching, snow removal, and woodlot cleanup the 72 inch Rear Grader Blade is an essential tractor attachment for all kinds of landscaping tasks. With five ripper teeth to scrape and dig at the surface, and a trailing blade to smooth out loose material, the 60 inch Box Blade is an excellent tool for grading dirt roads and redistributing material for a variety of landscaping projects.


Put your tractor to work clearing fields or cutting trails through dense overgrowth with the DR rotary brush hog, or mow large lawns, sports fields, parks, and well-maintained meadows with the DR PTO Finish Mower. Mow six feet wide, while you ride!.

Post Hole Digger

The DR Post Hole Digger lets you put in fenceposts easily and quickly from the comfort of your tractor. Made of construction grade steel, and with PTO shaft included, the DR Post Hole Digger is ideal for work on long fence lines, even in the toughest soils.

Tractor Rototiller

With a 52-inch tilling width, and the power of your tractor behind it, our PTO Rototiller will get through your soil prep FAST. Even in the largest gardens.

And More!

Contact us for details on our full lineup!