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DR Log Splitters - RapidFire

DR Log Splitters - RapidFire (2:18)

One Log, One Second!

The new DR RapidFire Kinetic Log Splitters slice through logs up to six times faster than ordinary hydraulic log splitters. The key is rugged and proven technology ingeniously repurposed for the task of splitting wood. The DR RapidFire Kinetic Splitters replace hydraulics with massive cast iron flywheels and a rack and pinion system that will outsplit any 34-ton (PRO-XL), 28-ton (PRO), or 22-ton (PREMIER) hydraulic splitter . Split dense hardwood logs up to 30" in diameter in record time—knotty pieces, too. With a full cycle time of 3 seconds including auto-retract, there is no faster way to split wood!

Auto Retraction

With ordinary splitters you have to engage the return lever until the ram is back to its starting position. The RapidFire retracts automatically, leaving your hands free to load the next piece of wood for splitting.

Twice-Hardened Steel Pinion Gear

The Pinion Gear transfers energy from the Flywheel to the Ram. Industrial steel is case-hardened twice during manufacturing for bomb-proof durability

Heavy-Duty Steel Work Table

The RapidFire’s steel work table means no more stooping down to pick up split logs. After a log is split, the pieces remain at a comfortable working height, so there's no need to bend down to retrieve them for a second split.


Department of Transportation-Approved 16” diameter by 4.8” wide wheels with tapered roller bearings allow you to transport your log splitter on roads at up to 45 mph (note: towing with a ball hitch requires purchase of our optional Ball Hitch Kit).