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DR Lawn Edger (1:38)

Create Perfect Edges...Every Time!

If you are ready to graduate from handheld edging tools—as well as the arm fatigue and wobbly edges they so often produce—the DR Lawn and Garden Edger is the tool for you. It features a 4-wheel platform that is much more stable than the more common 3-wheel models, and it's stacked with professional features!

9" Edging Blade

Forged of heat treated alloy steel, this 2-inch-wide, hardened blade means business. Don't settle for flimsy blades that may require multiple passes, or a string edger that may never cut through to the roots!

Adjustable Edging Depth

Depth control is right at your fingertips, with fixed positions from .5" down to 3". In areas that haven't been edged before, start high and make a second pass at a deeper setting to cut into roots and minimize regrowth.

Professional Curb Hop Feature

An adjustable wheel allows the DR to straddle a curb, with one wheel at street level, and track with perfect stability to create clean, precise cuts. Now that's curb appeal!

Pivoting Blade Assembly

You can adjust the blade housing fifteen degrees in either direction, or keep it vertical, depending on the style of edge you prefer. Many pros opt for vertical edges along walks and drives, with angled cuts around flower beds or other areas where a less severe look is desired.