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DR Inverters

All New DR Inverters!

Power for work or play! All new DR Inverter Generators provide quiet, lightweight, portable power, from recreational use to light construction job sites.

PREMIER 2200i (2200 Watt)

The DR PREMIER 2200i is the lightest generator we offer. With a built-handle it's easy to grab and go. Put it in your car trunk or your back seat. Great for camping, tailgating and any other activity where you need power in a noise-sensitive environment.

PRO 3000i (3000 Watt)

Our DR PRO 3000i features Surge Starting technology for over 50% more starting capacity. This allows you to start a second piece of equipment that would overload many competitive generators. Clean, quiet power makes the PRO-3000i ideal for recreational use.

PRO 3500iO (3500 Watt)

The DR PRO 3500iO features Surge Starting technology for over 50% extra starting capacity. The partially enclosed design is 50% quieter than an equivalent conventional open-frame generator and 25% lighter. Great for recreational use or for light construction job sites.

PRO 7500F (7500 Watt)

The DR PRO 7500F gives you a choice of fuels. Fill the 7-gallon tank with gas and run for up to 10 hours (25% load), or hook up a 30lb propane tank for 8 hours of run time. Powerful and versatile!