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DR Field and Brush Mowers

DR Field and Brush Mowers (2:01)

FINISH CUT MOWER for lawns and flatter fields.

Tow with your ATV, or use as an outrigger in tandem with your riding mower (or zero-turn), to increase your cutting width.

Floating Deck

Rises up and over obstacles. This helps minimize scalping while preventing damage to your mower’s blade, spindle, and engine from roots, stumps, rocks, and hummocks.

Adaptable Tow Bar

The two-piece tow bar allows you to offset the mower to either side (up to 68") or mow straight behind your tow vehicle.

Mow up to 2.75 acres per hour!

Plus, you can mow even more territory, in the same time, when you use it with your riding mower to expand your cutting width.

Turf Tread Tires

Low-impact tires are fine for groomed lawn areas, but sturdy enough for tracking in meadows and other uneven terrain.