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DR Batter Powered Tools
DR Batter Powered Tools

DR Battery Mowers & Yard Tools (1:21)

One Battery, Many Powerful Tools.

Our batteries are designed to mix and match across the full line of DR battery-powered equipment. You can share a battery among multiple tools, or—if you want to have a freshly charged battery readily available—you can buy extra batteries so you're able to work for longer periods without interruption.

PULSE 62V Lithium-Ion Battery

The 2.5 Ah Battery is a Lithium Ion Battery that weighs just 2.8 pounds and is able to hold a charge of up to 75 minutes depending on which tool is used. The 5.0 Ah Battery weighs 4.5 pounds and can hold a charge of 60 minutes, depending on which tool is used. The 5.0 comes with 2 USB ports and a folding handle with a built-in flashlight.

PULSE 62V Battery Mowers

Three mowers to choose from: Our PRO-16 model battery mower is our lightest and easiest to maneuver model. The PRO-21 battery mower features the performance of a gas mower but with clean, hassle-free electric power. The PRO-21SP Battery Mower is self-propelled and allows easy mowing with reduced effort.

PULSE 62V Cordless Snow Thrower

Ultra-light, easy to use, and powerful enough to throw snow 30 feet away. It’s 62V battery holds a charge for up to 30 minutes and with an extra battery (optional) loaded in the dock, you can work for up to an hour without interruption.

PULSE 62V Pole Saw

Ultra-quiet without skimping on power. With a 10" Oregon bar and chain, and an aluminum shaft that extends to almost nine feet, it's remarkably easy to use. Make up to 90 cuts (3" average) on a single charge. At 14 pounds and with a shoulder strap included, you can use it for hours without tiring.

PULSE 62V String Trimmer

Our 62-Volt String Trimmer brings the power of gas without the fumes or the noise. The variable speed trigger lets you rev up to power through tougher growth.

PRO 62V Chainsaw

Our 62-Volt Chainsaw is ultra-quiet without skimping on power. With a 16" Oregon bar and chain, and a tool-free chain tensioner, this saw is remarkably easy to use.

PULSE 62V Hedge Trimmer

With 96 scissoring blade edges, our 62-Volt Hedge Trimmer has the power to cut through the densest vegetation with ease. Even 3/4-inch thick stems and stalks are no problem.

PULSE 62V Blower

Our 62-Volt Blower has astonishing power, and with the turbo setting you can maximize that power to blast leaves or other debris out of crevices and move piles with ease.